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Doria Rosa Pilates Instructor Doria Rosa has been in the health and fitness industry since 1980, beginning her career as an aerobics instructor when aerobics was still in its infancy. She certified with Aerobics and Fitness Association of America in 1982. Then a single mom, Doria was teaching aerobics part-time and attending The University of Rhode Island with a double-major in Physical Education and Dance. In 1989 she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease. Though Doria left college at that time, she recognized the physical and emotional importance of continuing to teach aerobics. Along with her personal yoga practice which she began at age 25 and her strong desire to live, teaching greatly contributes to her perspective today on the importance of being a role model for a healthy lifestyle.

In February 1991, with a clean bill of health, Doria began working for YMCA of Greater RI. She was soon promoted to Coordinator and Manager of Rhode Island Hospital/Lifespan Fitness Center with a staff of 10. She also brought to fruition and supervised other YMCA community outreach sites which included the Providence Journal Newspaper. While still at the YMCA, Doria developed and implemented a member workshop, "Introduction to Free Weights for Women," and an aerobics/group exercise instructor training program (ITP) for YMCA staff as a preparation for national certification.

During the remainder of her time in Rhode Island, Doria owned and operated The Fit Woman, a small boutique women's fitness club, catering to the highly underserved needs of severely overweight women. She designed the WOW Program (Women Over Weight), addressing and coordinating members' emotional and nutritional needs in addition to giving them a place to exercise and bond with other like women. Doria's healthy lifestyle tips, "Fitness Facts," were published in the local newspaper twice monthly.

In 1997 Doria moved to New York where she continued to teach. Here she began her Pilates training, studying privately and taking workshops offered through New York Sports Club where she taught. In 1999 Doria relocated to Florida, and, after much diverse study in Yoga and Pilates, she was certified through Fitour as both Yoga Instructor and Advanced Pilates Instructor.

In 2003 she certified with American Academy of Health Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals as Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist. Today, Doria works with a very diverse population at some of South Florida's leading residential spa facilities and maintains a private clientele base as well. Doria prefers to teach holistically, believing strongly in the importance of physical strength, balance and flexibility for her clients as well as for herself. She assesses each personal individually. Her teaching style draws on all of her background and experience, using combinations of exercises taken from various disciplines as needed. Doria's professionalism, unique creativity and upbeat personality make her a popular and sought-after trainer who motivates clients to get the results they want. "People love that I can work with them at their current fitness levels, help them get stronger, and then continue to challenge them with different types of exercise. It's such a joy for me to see clients progress and feel good about themselves. What I do is different for me every day and I love it!"